Plymouth Megaride 2018

Moorlanders MCC were on the Hoe with Widows Sons South West Chapter to assist in the marshalling of this year’s Megaride.

After a wet start it turned out a good day. Our help was greatly appreciated by Plymouth motorcycle club.

The MegaRide is about to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2019.

We need your help to keep this event running as the costs each year to run the MegaRide keep increasing. Everyone who helps volunteers their own time free of charge.

The 2018 MegaRide was hit with really bad weather on the day and the expenses of running the event were not covered.

All the money raised each year goes to support local charities.

Please make a donation, however small to help us keep this event running in the future.

Please click on the picture below to give your support.

Thank you everyone.

Welcome to the new website of Moorlanders MCC

Moorlanders MCC is the family friendly motorcycle club in North Cornwall that holds the Easter Egg Run each year.

Moorlanders MCC Egg Run 2018 raised over £5,000.

In May, John Martin, Moorlanders’ Chairman, supported by other members, visited the two ARB learning support units that receive funds from the Egg Run.

He was pleased to see that the money will be wisely invested in additional play equipment that will enhance the learning experiences of the children attending the units at Camelford and St Stephens, Lauceston.

Both were presented with a cheque for £1,000 .