About Us

The Moorlanders MCC is best known for the annual Egg Run, held each Easter Sunday and starting from Davidstow Airfield, near Camelford, North Cornwall. This is our main charity event of the year, and it attracts around 500 bikers to bring along Easter eggs and a donation for local children’s charities. It is now held in association with Widows Sons MBA South West Chapter.

Moorlanders MCC is a family friendly motorcycle club, based around Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, that meets regularly through the year for relaxed, social rideouts in the local area, and to attend local events.

Moorlanders MCC’s roots lie in a trio of biker friends who, in 1997, had the good idea of organising an Egg Run one Easter Sunday, collecting donations to local children’s charities and taking chocolate eggs to them.  The run proved popular, and became an annual event, at which point it was necessary to get public liability insurance – hence the need to form the Club in 2001.

Forward to the present, and we are pleased to be associated with Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association.  We have members mainly based on or around the fringes of Bodmin Moor and from further afield.

Our rideouts are designed with the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all riders. We ride to the slowest rider.

We all work together to organise an Egg Run every Easter Sunday, raising money, selling raffle tickets, marshalling – to what ever extend our lives permit.  We’re proud of the £40,000 that the Egg Run has collected over the years, and that this year we’ve raised over £5,000 to for our chosen charities –  Action for Children, Children’s Hospice South West, and the ARB Learning Support Units at Camelford & Launceston primary school.

Moorlanders MCC hold Associate Membership of the BMF.

Consent by individuals to appear in the collection of photographs and videos on this website was either given verbally or assumed under reasonable grounds at the time.  If you wish us to remove an item, please contact our Club Secretary – moorlanders@live.co.uk