Yer Tiz Rally 2011


Here’s a write up about the Yer Tiz Rally by our Black Bearde, who’s a MAG member and was involved in organising the rally, and coercing us Moorlanders into assisting with the Saturday run:

The First Yer Tiz Rally & Run 30th Sep – 02nd Oct 2011

You sort of know it could be a good weekend when at 10:30 am on the first day you arrive the following two things occur:-
1      The sun is beaming down
There are people on bikes arriving on site asking if they can buy tickets (and there were only 30 left)

The weekend started with some anticipation from the MAG Devon team that put the event together.  These ranged from the obvious “it’s going to rain” to the obscure “what have we forgot to do”.  However, all involved worked so hard to make the deadline and thereafter worked dammed hard throughout the weekend making it so.

My only real involvement in the whole thing was the run (which we will mention later).  The rest of the MAG crew sorted everything you saw if you were there, and I have to say, I think we did a blinding job.

Friday saw many bikes rucking up throughout the day and as I had, left site at 13:00 to do other things upon my return at 17:00 it was a big smile on my face to see so many tents pitched up and people already chilling out in the autumn sunshine.

It twaz a relaxed feeling where ever you went on site, the camping, the bar “in the rugger club” the stalls and well where ever people chose to sit stand and natter.

Children were running and playing freely on the rugby fields, bikers doing what they do best drinking copious amounts of ale, catching up with long lost mates and laughing loudly.  In addition, we were honoured to have Mr Ian Mutch attend and stay for the weekend in support from MAG Central (MAG President).

Moorlanders MCC at Yer Tiz Rally
Friday night, the first band kick off at 21:00ish people were still turning up and the numbers were around 80+ people, by then the ale was flowing well and the food was passing over the counter at a rate of knots Mc Donald’s would be proud of.

At some stage I thought ‘where’s them other Moorlanders to?’  Anyhow a quick call to Mr H and I found him his good lady, Cokes, JD and a few others sat by the tent having a chin wag.

I had the pleasure of my 6yr old daughter for company and she was having a great time “so she tells me” colouring making new friends and meeting scary, hairy bikers, then I introduced her to some of the male bikers

I had to retire at 22:30 “beer stocks were low” so I was told, no that’s not the reason I retired; it was because my girl was tired, even so the band sounds and fun carried on till past midnight so I reckon day one was a winner.
Moorlanders MCC at Yer Tiz RallyDAY 2
As my night rest wasn’t a rest due to reasons to the left of me and the right of me I arose at 06:00, the camp site was shrouded in a fine mist, dew on the grass and I thought ummm grab a shower in the fine rugger club facilities.
So that done it was await the breakie all cooked for you if you choose to by the lovely Zoe and her band of merry helpers, good fair prices and fair fodder.  

Cokes did a runner at some stage and took a nice ride up Country to entertain family with his skills, and he vowed to return later, which he did.
The day went quickly and it was soon 10:00 all my willing helpers had/were getting themselves to the gate for the run (Big thanks to Rich, Sue, John, Rich & Carol) for helping and vest supply.

The run started and the first half to Zukis went well a sunny amble covering about 18 miles, whilst we were there we were greeted by Mark who rucked up for breakie.
JD why do you have that third wheel on your bike?  – From what I saw its never on the ground J .
So the pit stop done we started part two of the run oooops (better pre planning needed Blacke Beardie)
What happened next was…..
A marshal on a Triumph who was directly in my mirror one minute was gone the next, ummmm I started wondering but ambled on thinking   he will show in a minute, at that time we were traversing the lanes around Monkokehampton so I had to have one eye forwards as I was up front and traffic was about.
Well I started to be concerned and should of stopped but I didn’t behind me now were no less than two side car outfits and some of the bikes, at the first junction I thought it will be alright then I sort of had a shock coming the other way was my tail end Charlie followed by a certain couple on a certain triumph, ohhh if you could have seen my fly catching look J  
Well long and short everyone finally got back I went back to Tony who had broke down and what had happened was every marshal had stopped with him when he failed oooops note for next time, so all returned to site I waited with Tony and pillioned him back once the van arrived to collect his bike….
Tony and I got back around 14:00 and the site was full of locals attending the bike show, a lot of bikes strung out on the road up to the club house, sun still being hot, beer flowing everyone having fun…..
In true British style we complained it was to hot and a good few all in black souls took shelter in the club house for a few hours.
Moorlanders MCC at Yer Tiz RallyRolling forwards to that night I was on gate duty and can tell ya bikes were still rucking up with tents; (I do not have correct figures) for the event but best guestimates are in excess of 300 people through the gate.
That is a mix of campers and day passes so a damn good turnout, spurred on no doubt by the previous weekends mega run…  
Cokes was back as promised “the star” got his box of tricks out and made a cracking balloon bike which was auctioned and made a tenner, there’s a photo on North or South Devon MAG face book site.
Food beer band all as good as previous night I even ended up on kitchen duty a sorry sight seeing as I had been face painted. 
Anyway come the witching hour “sensible” people drifted of to their tents, a few old & young farts stayed by the fire and betwixed 01:00 – 07:30 Mark, Cokes, myself and a few others stayed up talking pure rot but avin a laugh, Cokes you fell asleep whoops, some orrible men stacked bits of wood on ya till you wobbled and awoke. 
Sunday a good full breakie served and people slowly departed for homes, I went around asking for feedback and got positive vibes all around the site, some very useful suggestions for next time.  Some of us stayed behind and did the required, leaving the site spotless, dropping the tent cleaning etc blah blah, I left at 14:00 for a bloody tiring ride home, yarp I realise I need sleep at my age.
So, will we do it again?  The de-brief needs to take place but I damn well hope so twaz a cracking weekend me thinks, and I will be asking for credits to be noted to the Moorlanders that helped out with the run, Rich & Carol for Marshalling/photos & Cokes for his entertainment.
This event was a fund raising weekend for MAG, which fights for bikers who want to ride as free as they can, without support from bikers, MAG lobbyists won’t be able to fight our corner as they did for the demo on the 25th September.
Tides up Im outta here ride safe all.

Black Bearde